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I've found the best way is to change the 'Film Width' in your Corona Camera to match the sensor size of the real camera, rather than trying to rely on converting the focal length into 35mm equivalent.

In this case, I think the DJI Mavic 3 Pro wide-angle lens uses a 17.3 x 13mm sensor - so the width is 17.3mm. If you put this in the Corona Cam as Film Width, and then use the reported 15mm focal length from your EXIF data then it should be good to go.

DJI market the lens as being approx equivalent to 28mm (in 35mm equivalent) and that looks pretty close - but notably not exactly the same which is why using the Film Width is more accurate/effective.


Forgot to share here, the third interview of 'Composite' came out a couple of weeks ago featuring Mark Hunter - founder of Australian powerhouse studio Third Aesthetic:-

More to come monthly - including Darcstudio,, David Schnabel and more - subsribe (for free) at

Nice one - JL


Have recently had to re-open a scene from 2021 (old client project which was paused but now re-started), it has a number of Corona Proxy objects and the 'Loading Corona assets' phase of scene opening is a killer.

Morning all,

Issue 2 of the 'Composite' interview series is now live, featuring Ronen Bekerman:-

Future editions (already interviewed and lined up for publishing) will include: Darcstudio,, Third Aesthetic, David Schnabel and more...
Subscribe for future issues delivered straight to your inbox -

Cheers - JL

Totally feel your pain, I've had a fairly similar experience - I had previous issues transferring a legacy subscription over to the new licensing model, then I sent an enquiry about the price of the license before the annual renewal (which still hasn't been responded to 16 days later).

During those 16 days I was sent the invoice for the annual licence - which was actually at the price I'd expected so I paid immediately. Then I was charged again for the annual licence automatically even though I had already paid - and am now waiting a response from support about the double payment.

Likewise - being a freelancer, an extra £500 here and there makes a big difference so hopefully not waiting long for the refund. Good luck!

Hey folks,

I'd been thinking for a while about the articles we see in the arch viz industry. We're bombarded with content about techniques and software, how-to tutorials, case studies on headline projects, future promises of AR/VR and game engines, the loss of our careers to AI - the list goes on... but where are the people?

I wanted to try to offer a tiny break from the noise and collect some human stories from the artists and studios behind the images: "Composite" is an illuminating Substack newsletter that delves into the personal stories and ideas from renowned studios and artists in the field.

The first edition (out now!) features an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented Fabio Palvelli - Creative Director at Elephant Skin and co-founder of the D2 Conferences. In the interview, Fabio shares insights into his creative process, techniques, and experiences, providing readers with a glimpse into the person behind the stunning images - read it here.

Future editions will feature studios from around the world including: Darcstudio, Numa, Third Aesthetic, David Schnabel, Ronen Bekerman and more...

If people are interested, I can drop links to future interviews in this thread too.

 - JL

Gallery / Hidden House
« on: 2023-05-16, 15:58:33 »
Afternoon all - just wanted to share a project from late 2022:

Images created in collaboration with architect Matt Williams, Hidden House is a beautiful and secluded contemporary home in North Cornwall which has recently received planning permission.

From the architect - "Hidden House is located within the small hamlet of Trevanson, North Cornwall and nestles within an existing garden, flanked on three sides by mature trees, with expansive views towards the Camel Estuary beyond. The beauty of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is unquestionable; the project site feels like a hidden world; immediately relaxing and connected with nature.

The limited material external palette of rugged grey brickwork reflects the tones and textures of the local stonework seen in the vernacular buildings of the area. The building is conceived to be a series of simple sculptural forms which provide an elegant backdrop to the lush vegetation within which it is embedded.

Commissioned to be a permanent home, Hidden House will provide energy-efficient, generous and flexible family accommodation—designed to take advantage of it’s secluded site with a sensitive approach in form, massing and materiality, to the landscape in which it sits."

All images produced using Autodesk 3DS Max / Corona Renderer / Adobe Photoshop / ForestPack / RailClone / Megascans... the usual suspects!

More images and high-res at Behance.
Cheers - J

Hardware / Re: workstation build 6-10k €
« on: 2023-01-10, 14:07:26 »
What seems frustrating is that one would expect the price of 3990x to drop two years later but is in fact even higher.
Reading the forums and seeing everyone talk about the 7950x i wonder if it's not worth it to make 2 workstations with 7950x for the price of one 5995x or 3990x.

Don't forget that multiple machines could also mean multiple licences (even for Render Nodes) - so factor that into your costs

[Max] I need help! / Re: Boulder Retaining Wall
« on: 2022-05-12, 16:38:35 »
Depending how long the wall is and how manually you need to tweak it, I would have thought RailClone is the best bet to distribute randomised rocks (from megascans or elsewhere) - you can probably even take one of their presets and amend it to suit a rubble stone wall.

There are even a few examples on the iToo forums where people are asking for similar - example 01 - and -  example 02 with decent starting points you could try.

With the continued merge of Corona into Chaos Group (which I generally have no issues with) - today I wanted to access a previous Corona Support request but it now redirects to the Chaos Support website, and after logging in there it appears I have no historic tickets or responses.

This is totally undertstandable in the long run and will be fine for new support requests - but it's super frustrating that all of the historic tickets raised have disappeared into the void and can't be accessed.

Are there any plans to migrate old tickets across the new Chaos Support? Or possibly archive old support tickets so we can at least see the responses we've received historically?

Specifically, I've had some licensing issues which I'm anticipating carrying across into Corona 8 (especially given the new licensing model/software) - and being able to look through my previous tickets would have been super useful...

Gallery / House in Suffolk
« on: 2022-05-04, 15:36:34 »
Afternoon all,

Little project completed recently, for a successful planning application with Fen Studio Architects in East Suffolk, UK.
"Designed to replace three existing structures of differing uses and scales:- an arable grain barn, a residential bungalow and a dilapidated piggery structure. The proposal was designed to re-tell the history of the site through its form; referencing the three existing buildings through form and materiality - and by hypothetically 'pinching' the buildings together to create one new building of three distinct forms, connected by permeable linking sections."
CGIs created using 3DS Max, Corona, ForestPack and RailClone + Adobe Photoshop.

Some other versions and crops on Behance.

Gallery / Re: BBC Studios Bridgewater House
« on: 2022-02-08, 15:44:54 »
BTW the Behance link doesn't work for me :( How can I like it on Behance now!

Sorry - not sure what happened there... fixed it now!

Gallery / BBC Studios Bridgewater House
« on: 2022-02-08, 15:15:28 »
Afternoon all,

Been sat on this project for a while, but happy to share a set of images produced for the new BBC Studios HQ in Bristol, UK - created for interior design agency Studio B.  Rendered in Corona (of course) - also using ForestPack, Railclone and a few other goodies along the way.

Some additional shots on Behance.

Cheers - J

General CG Discussion / Re: CORONA VS ENSCAPE
« on: 2022-01-12, 10:52:01 »
I think any development like this will continue to push creativity and artistry in our field - for the same reason that professional photographers still exist even though everyone has an amazing camera in their phone.

...or CGI artists will all move to selling NFTs if clients dry up 😂

Hardware / Re: Would this RAM be Compatible
« on: 2021-11-29, 11:21:14 »
Hi Dave,

From what I can tell, that memory will be compatible with the MB ( - PCPartPicker lists that exact memory as being compatible, although it doesn't technically list the 128GB option - assumably because it doesn't have anywhere that sells that combination in its database currently?

I also had a look on the MBU manufacturer spec ( and it does support up to 256GB memory so can't see why it wouldn't work.

Whether that memory is the 'best' one going is something that's beyond my understanding - CAS-latency and memory timings is too confusing.

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