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This issue is fixed in V12. If anything like this is still happening to you, please let us know.

You are getting different rays/s values indeed. This may be a silly question, but are you sure it is not related to thermal throttling? There is currently a heatwave in a lot of countries.
If not, then we would be interested in checking your scenes:

As usual, if you are encountering such issues, please contact us here with a sample scene:
We were not able to reproduce anything like that in our tests.

(this is being handled in support ticket #266379)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Rendering with Corona
« on: 2024-07-10, 14:56:12 »
Always glad to help!

The DOF highlight solver improves the quality of bright "bokeh" spots.
Highlight clamping will always make images darker because it, well, clamps highlights. :)

One note: when using highlight clamping above 0, the output is not "high dynamic range" any more. So if you are planning to do some compositing or need a wide tonal range for other reasons, don't use it.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Convert Mats to Vantage...
« on: 2024-07-10, 14:52:26 »
Is there a way to get these highlighted or is this something that could be created?

Hi, can you explain what exactly you mean by this?
It would probably be easier for us to advise if we knew what exactly you are trying to export (what kind of scene, objects, materials).

Other than that, looking forward to the results of your tests. :)

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 12 Major Memory Leak
« on: 2024-07-10, 13:50:42 »
Does it happen after merging literally ANY model, or only some specific model(s)?
If it's specific models only, could you please send at least one of them which triggers the issue at
Thanks in advance!

same issue here, unfortunately I am not able to upgrade my Vray version so I hope this fix comes soon on the next hotfix

Hi, can you please contact us about this here:
Currently, we don't know what exactly the "issue" is, so we cannot fix it. Perhaps something you could try is running the converter script from an older version of Corona. You can use the unpack option in the installer, locate the script (\Chaos Corona\Corona\Corona Renderer for 3ds Max\2024\Scripts), and drag-and-drop it into 3ds Max.

[Max] I need help! / Re: parsing scene takes forever
« on: 2024-07-09, 16:15:56 »
Please check your email. I have created a support ticket #265667 for you.

[Max] I need help! / Re: parsing scene takes forever
« on: 2024-07-09, 14:54:38 »
Hi, can you please list full hardware specifications of your laptop and the PC?
How much RAM do you have on your laptop?

"Memory and pcu usage is fine - up to 20-40%" - memory usage at 20-40% is great, but CPU should never be running at 20-40% when rendering. It should be 100%. Could you please double check the numbers in the Windows Task Manager? (preferably share screenshots captured during unsuccessful rendering)

P.S. Nice nickname :D

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona 12 vs 11
« on: 2024-07-09, 14:51:05 »
Well, it was in the daily build and RC phase for some time, it was tested by the users and our QA/support/other teams so the answer here is: yes, it is stable.
We are aware of some issues (we can never catch all bugs/issues before the release!), but they are minor.

I am not familiar with the Xeon platform so I can't suggest any specific solution, but if the CPU is overheating (even at 100% load), this means that the cooling is insufficient. Or in other words: the CPU should have proper cooling to operate even under 100% load.

[Max] I need help! / Re: reflection with glass refraction
« on: 2024-07-08, 15:34:19 »
You suggest to use PBR or convert these?

It shouldn't matter. You can try automatic conversion first and if there are some issues you can create the materials yourself.

Unfortunately, we don't have any fixes so far. The solution is to either restrain from using such setup (e.g. using environment overrides instead of backplates) or using the known workarounds such as

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