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Corona Shader Ball

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--- Quote from: 4b4 on 2015-05-15, 09:40:44 ---Thanks for the shaderball pBarrelas, looks good.

Out of interest I noticed in the render settings you'd cranked the Highlight compression to 5 and upped the contrast. Is this something you regularly do with scenes rendered with Corona?

--- End quote ---
Thanks! I'm glad you're finding it useful!
Regarding the render settings, The Highlight Compression is for when you have to deal with over exposed areas. I always use it when dealing with 16Bit images. When I render 32Bit images, this setting needs to be at the default "1" and I deal with it in post.
The Contrast, well, this is for when you need more contrast in your rendered image. I never use this because I take care of it also in post.
In this particular case, I have it set like that, because I'm not going to make any post work on material test images, so I need them to look "finished", if you know what I mean!

Could you possibly upload an .obj?


--- Quote from: Jtveclipse12 on 2015-05-25, 22:29:53 ---Could you possibly upload an .obj?

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I added an FBX file and the logo.
The texture on the floor is a C4D shader. If you want I can render it as texture for you to match my look.

I really do like this Shader Ball, it shows larger surface areas then most do.
But the uv seams on the edges, break displacements in max.

There is no "keep continuity" option in Corona yet so I think this is impossible to fix unless the model is perfectly uvw-mapped. And it could be impossible in this case.


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