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Corona Shader Ball

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Got it. Sorry for the confusion.



--- Quote from: romullus on 2020-03-18, 19:57:48 ---I thought you're asking about 3ds Max. I think you'll better ask this in C4D board: There's more chance to get the answer from pro user or support staff.

--- End quote ---
There's a reason for confusion. You can understand it, if you read the OP: ..."It's in C4D format and was built in R16."
So I believe a title edit and placement in proper category would be in order.

There's also FBX, OBJ and max versions provided throughout the topic. There's no need to move it to DCC specific board, it is located in correct place.

Hello everybody
I searched intensely but I couldn't find a material studio 3d file anywhere that is similar to the cosmos browser like the attached image.

I'm building my own material library and I'd like to make it similar to this corona renderer preset.

I'm working with 3ds max and corona 11.

Thank you all.

Those look like from standard C4D 'material preview' scene (a sphere lit w/ Point, Area & IBL/HDRI Light). 


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