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Need furniture 3d modeler


Hi all, I need a good 3dsmax 3d modeler for a couple armchairs. Please send me pm with your website or sample of work.

No offense, this is supposed to work the other way around. Find google a modler and E-Mail him.
Lastly, this is primarily a dev/discussion forum for a renderer, neither a forum for modeling, nor a job market.
Also, take a look at

Christa Noel:
i think it is okay for posting any need in this forum.. reminding there is boards with its name and its note to divide the need. and hrvojezg00 did right for searching freelancer here in general CG discussion with note "Not Corona-related CG topics".

I certainly don't think that it's ok to post any need in this forum, but i don't see nothing wrong with OP ;]


--- Quote from: romullus on 2015-02-04, 11:31:30 ---nothing wrong with OP ;]

--- End quote ---
I'm sure he's a nice guy to have coffee with :]


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