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Any experience with EnvisionVR

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Hi all,

I'm looking at working with the team over at for some new jobs.

They basically provide 3dsmax -> web conversion of fully VR property sales tools. Walk-arounds, dollhouse models, table models etc. It all seems pretty good and definitely has piqued the interest of some of my clients.

I'm just wondering if anyone has used their services before? In a recent meeting with someone from their sales teams they showed off some private work from some of the very biggest and best ArchViz companies we all know. So I was pretty sold on their service by then, if I wasn't already. The quality isn't as photorealistic as I'd like (but that's a limit on RAM and download speeds I guess).

I'd also be interested to know if anyone has any experience with any other similar providers? I understand they use Unity to convert and publish the models to the web. I don't have the knowledge to do this myself, but I'm sure there must be more tools/services out there that can help?

Thanks for any tips!


No one?

No first hand experience other than a call with one of their sales team as you've had.

I struggled to understand their offering, their pricing, and how I'd price that back to clients.

It just want clear to me what they were offering and how I integrate it into my offering.

Ok, thanks.

I'll report back on my experience so far:

I engaged them to work with one of my clients but it didn't work out in the end. Essentially they take our work (a 3d model from Max) and convert it into a webgl playable format. So they don't offer any modelling or design help, that's all on us still, and what they offer is an additional service.

The quote was a bit too high for my client. I thought the price was indeed high, but all things considered probably fairly reasonable.

So unfortunately I didn't follow through. This time.

I was pretty impressed with their platform and service. Some of the demos really wowed me and their client list  was impressive (some of the big guys we all know have hired them).

I'll definitely be pushing their service to other clients but this time it didn't work out.

What I struggled with is how you present it back to the client?  Once they've done their bit, what is the delivery format to the client?  A link? A custom app? Or does my client need to download the EnvisionVR branded app Etc etc

I.e. what are they doing that I couldn't do myself?


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