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File keeps crashing and I cant get to render on my main workstation.


I have been getting some really frustrating issues with certain files containing imported Revit or FBX(exported from Revit) files. And it only really effects one of my systems. I sent scene and dump file but support said because it is only happening on one system its not a Corona issue and a system issue. Problem is this system renders many other much heavier and more complicated files regularly. There might be the odd crash here and there but this specific file can not render even for 5 seconds (IR or Production) - even with grey material override, white background, no lights and very little geometry. Even after merging into a clean file + reset Xform + collapse to mesh etc. It uses very little RAM.  As I said I render many other files with people, forest packs, buildings, HDRIs many lights with no or very little problems.

Tested on 3 of my other workstations and that file renders fine. It only has issues with main workstation but as I said main workstation works with many other more complicated and taxing files. Also same crash with Max 2023 and 2024

Does anybody know where I can start looking? Have tried:
Installing older versions of corona
Latest Nvidia Drivers
HDD scan
Windows Memory test
Merging file into new scene etc as mentioned above.

System: 13900K Nvidia 3080 128Gig RAM Windows 11

Have added a two small videos. One is a normal file with lighting and everything rendering fine. Then after that I closed that and tried to render the other file which is the other clip.

Hello, please submit a new support ticket here:
If you can attach a scene, that would be very helpful.

Thanks Nazar,

The files are all uploaded to the original ticket that we have been talking in.


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