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Vermeer Skyscans | High quality standardized HDRIs for photorealism


Dear Corona Community!

Some of you may have already heard about our product Vermeer. With Vermeer our goal is to help artists eliminate the complex and unrealistic CGI lighting setups in their 3D scenes and ensure a constant level of quality and photorealism in their output while making their production more efficient.

Coming from the visualization field ourselves, we've encountered most of the issues in our own production. Throughout the years attending conferences and talking with the industry, we also saw that it was not just us.

For this reason we are developing Vermeer and currently releasing Vermeer Skies, our first element to our ecosystem. Our friend RenderRam made an introductional video about it if you would like to know more:

Discover our available packages and more information at

If you are interested, this might be the right time to try - take advantage of our Cyber Week Sale until December 1st.

Having questions? Let us know here, or join our Discord channel.

Currently we are supporting 3dsMax + Vray, Corona, Fstorm and Arnold


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