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AgX in Corona

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--- Quote from: pokoy on 2024-04-29, 13:21:29 ---Wait, so for any LUTs from outside Corona install we need either the string option or a gamma operator @0.45 before the LUT? I remember trying some LUTs from other sources but gave up thinking they were not the right type.

--- End quote ---

I do not know the story behind luts from Corona installer but, in general - yes - to have a lut do what it is supposed to do in Corona VFB you need gamma transform operator (1/2.2).
I guess the story why it all works like that is long forgotten as the support was unable to point me to the simple solution - the string option for adjusting VFB gamma. I dug it out from an old 2015 post.

ok, so at least we know that it used to work as expected for a brief moment:

would anyone have a nuke layout that would work creating LUT's that would look similar in Nuke as in Corona Vfb ?


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