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[RESOLVED] Frozen VFB when moving around the scene

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My scene is from Mographplus course (not sure if I'm able to share it?)

It was working fine a few days ago, but now every scene I open it doesnt sync, even if I start with a basic scene (cube/corona sky/sun), it does not work

Yes, using viewport IR it works

Hi there,
Could you please go to the C4D preferences -> Renderer -> Corona -> VFB Settings section and double-check the value for the "Update interval"?
You can even send a screenshot instead.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi bnji!


Thanks for sharing. Having the scene would be a huge help. We do have a private uploader so your files are completely safe with us. Alternatively, if you can reproduce this is another scene that is sharable, please feel free to send us that instead. The uploader can be found in my signature below.


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