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James Vella:
By user request I am releasing this script for free. Script attached to this post.

- You can copy/paste, change, learn from it or do whatever to suit your own workflow if you know maxscript.
- Works on scene materials (any object with a Corona Physical Material applied). Not on selected objects so be aware this will convert everything in that scene.
- Currently works with Standard Bitmap, not CoronaBitmap. For example will keep the bitmap as CoronaBitmap instead of converting it to Standard, will update in next verison.
- Be aware this is version 01 so there is probably issues to iron out, your feedback is required to make this better. FYI I don't plan on developing this long term, maybe or maybe not, no promises but for the time being happy to work on it in my spare time.

- Drag the script into your 3dsmax viewport.
- Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars > Category: Vella > Automate CoronaToPhysical

Version 1.0 Features:
- Base Color
- Roughness or Glossiness
- Anisotropy Amount / Rotation
- Metal
- Refraction (could be incorrect, still trying to work out how this works in Autodesk Physical)
- Thin Shell
- Opacity
- Emission / Self-Illumination
- Normal / Bump (numeric values kept default 0.3, let me know if this is an issue)
- Displacement
- Clearcoat Amount / Roughness / Bump
- Numerical values such as Base Color Amount, Roughness Amount, IOR value etc.
- Color swatches such as Base Color, Self-Illumination etc.

Exporting to FBX:
- FYI, export does not support the use of the 'Additional Bump' parameter. I have kept it for now since it will work directly in 3dsmax but could create an issue for exporting to FBX. Your feedback is required as I don't know the real-world implications.
- Currently all nodes are kept during the conversion so this also poses a problem for exporting to FBX. For example if you have your Base Color in a Falloff node then the Falloff is kept on conversion. Again real-world examples can help. I might even put a pop up if you prefer such as "Are you exporting to FBX Yes/No?". This way you can either keep all the nodes or just keep the bitmaps.

Corona Physical Material:

Autodesk Physical Material:

Hi James, thank you for the effort! I would love to try your script, since converting from Corona to Autodesk physical material is what i do quite often, but the problem is, that i almost completely adopted Corona bitmap by now and it looks that your script is not supporting it. If at any point you will bring support for Corona bitmap, i will be first in line to test the script and provide you with the feedback. And again, thank you for doing what, honestly speaking, should have been done by Corona team long time ago.

James Vella:
:) Working on it now

James Vella:
Script attached to this post.

Hmm it works but not in the way I wanted it to. I wanted it to be recursive, ill work it out later but for now you can use the updated version which will do the job (Corona Bitmap to Bitmap).

- Just a test for now since it should copy all the bitmap settings as well like coordinate offsets, real-world, blur etc. That will be the next small update.

Version 1.1 Features:
- Corona Bitmap to Standard Bitmap conversion

Corona Physical Material:

Autodesk Physical Material:

Nice!! I will let you know how it worked, once i have time to test it. Thank you very much! :]


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