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[RESOLVED] Freezing during Secondary GI calculation

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tomorrow morning I take a look to the new Corona Render 10 on my windows machine with latest C4D release.
I was trying the new clouds color model and camera size settings, so I created a simple scene with a sky with clouds and sun as well.
I got continue C4D windows freezing with interactive rendering during the calculation of the second GI...every time...I killed the app...
I installed on the PC due to test, I not installed yet on my production machines.

Anyone experience freezing?
I tried with simple scene and a complex scene underwater, many second GI freezes....

Even if it's a simple scene and might be easy to recreate - you should include a file so anyone can reproduce the behavior with the exact same file and steps to check and confirm.

oh...very easy. I reproduced the freeze without problem. Take a look into this video.

Usually I play with new Corona Render in this way, by randomly click into some settings for test...

ps: sorry for mouse movement delay...camtasia software grabbed in a strange way the mouse...

Is Bloom and Glare on when this happens?

yes...the bloom and glare has been activated few seconds before the freeze...

at 1.17 I turned on the Bloom and Glare, at 3.16 I activated it again (due to the still present bug about bloom and glare that turning off it self)....and corona died....


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