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Corona Customers and V-Ray Materials


I assume this isn't possible at the moment, but it would be a very nice perk for us Corona customers to have access to a form of the V-Ray Bridge to allow us to convert a scene to Corona. Not render, just allow a conversion. I can't tell you how much time this would save me. I buy a good amount of models and it hard to find C4D+Corona all ready to go. Many model do however, offer C4D+V-Ray. If I could just hit that convert button and get 90% there, I'd be a happy man.

Since they are both Chaos products and it wouldn't take away from their customers, this seems like a no-brainer to me.

i think Corona trello roadmap includes an updated scene conversion (vray 5/6 to cor 10)

i also very much wish for such a solution, i even did think of initiating such a tool, but for now i await the new corona v10 converter and hope it does what we need.

Good to know. I haven't looked at the Trello sheet in a while. Right now it's pretty useless feature. It doesn't handle Reflectance channel and if you don't already have a paid Vray seat, it pretty much does nothing.

Edit: Well, I may have spoken too early about the Reflectance Channel. I just did a test with a sofa model. Standard materials then converted to Physical Corona. The converter did a MUCH better job than it used to do. That is indeed much more useful. Thanks for that. As luck would have it, many models in the latest batch I acquired also come with Advanced Render materials so I will be taking advantage of that.

The scene converter has always been considered as ''experimental''. And yes, we are planning on improving it ;)


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