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corona uvw randomizer "multiple input"?

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--- Quote from: romullus on 2023-03-28, 21:50:55 ---I saw this request many times, but never explanation how it supposed to work. How the node with multiple inputs is supposed to know which output should go to specific slot? Would it have N output handles, where N is equal to the number of inputs? Wouldn't that make quite bloated nodes? Or is there some other way how to handle this?

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You know exactly what they want, people just don't know how to voice it :- ). This description is simply the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of instancing parameters. No need to pick at words.

It's not even bad description, there are nodal systems (not necessarily in CGI apps) that offer multi-level "pass-through" (like in Audio) so they allow multiple inputs & outputs without confusion and still with same modifier node in middle.
Corona could technically adopt such solution as well, it would just go against the Max Slate convention. But it's good description.

I'm not picking at words, i genuinely don't know how such node would look or work. I hate slate editor controllers implementation as much as the next guy and i would love to have easy and intuitive instancing solution for maps and materials. I just never saw something like this in action and i'm curious to know how it could work.

To imitate audio pass-through system, it would be layered input&output pairs. Input&Output1, Input&Output2,etc..

But that's just what this particular solution would look like, no one is really asking for anything specific.
"Use Settings From Map" like CoronaColorCorrect has would be good enough. Just use the solution everywhere. That can't be hard if it already exists.

If I remember correctly Max does not allow anyone to create a node with more than one output

So +1 to having "use settings from map" on most maps!
So much time could be saved with a better node setup. Kinda hoping for a rewrite of the whole node editor in Max, or that Corona makes its own, like they have in C4D(?)

One way how it could be done is like in Corona Color Correct with a "master controller" node. But there are some other possibilities.

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