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corona uvw randomizer "multiple input"?

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--- Quote from: Juraj on 2023-03-30, 12:39:04 ---
--- Quote from: dfcorona on 2023-03-30, 04:29:45 ---I would love to know why Corona doesn't adopt this much better material workflow.  Also I found "Corona UVWRandoimizer Map" to slow render times down a LOT.  Why is that? Fstorm or Vray don't take longer to render when they use UVW Randomizer. Is it because Corona needs many UVWRandomizer nodes for each slot unlike the others?

Just look at the attached image, I mean come on.

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Yeah this looks very good.

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I dream of the day when we can make our own master materials like in Unreal. It's extremely handy and is one of the biggest advantages of Unreal in my view.
Being able to have materials be instances of a master material, means you can for instance edit the master to change the hue of all the greenery in the scene at the same time if they all use the "Greenery_MasterMtl". You are also able to override on the material instance itself if you want.

I've asked for that many times, and before me, Martin Geupel (first converter creator) did :- ). The Master Material from Unreal is really good shading idea.

"Just make it like in Unreal" is almost always good answer for me lol. I really need to look how the new Substrate in 5.2 looks like, what does it bring compared to usual layering.
Because I also dream of the layering system from ReadyAtDawn studio, where you didn't just blend percentages with masks like in Photoshop, but actually blend with different real-world blending types, like water layer on top would multiply, etc..

Substrate looks neat indeed, Basically CoronaLayeredMtl, and some simplifications on picking shading models etc? But they are saying to be careful with the amount of BSDF layers. So it might not be the most performant, and it does not currently support Path Tracing.

But it is for sure an interesting development to streamline the material creation in UE!
It's a bit confusing when you have to change between several options in Material Domain, Blend Mode and Shading Model to get the correct look. Not very artist friendly atm


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