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issues with Corona bitmaps

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We're currently having an issue where corona bitmaps appear low resolution in the viewport, in particular when plugged into the environment tab. We have tried upping the pixel count under the texture display resolution in the viewport configurations but this doesn't seem to change anything. (for reference this does work if we use a regular bitmap but not the corona version).

we also seem to be having an odd issue with the tile setting. For the images we use we have to set the tiling to -1 but if the bitmap refreshes (either by manually reloading it or closing and re-opening max) it automatically flips the image but doesn't alter the tile value. (again this issue doesn't occur with a regular bitmap)

This is all part of our verified camera match set up where the position of the environment map is in reference to the camera rotation and manually aligned to survey points by matching them in the viewport so this has become a bit of a problem.

We have used this process without issues for at least 3 or 4 years and this problem is somewhat recent but is consistent on all our office workstations. I'm not sure if its possible an issue with max 23?

As I 've learned recently, Corona bitmap viewport resolution is affected by the 'baked map resolution' in the viewport setup dialog, not the general texture resolution parameter.

Unfortunately we've tried changing that option as well as any others we can find but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Neither does the size or file type of the bitmap. I've attached the viewport settings we have + a comparison between the corona & regular bitmap

Ouch, yeah this doesn't look too good. Sorry for misleading you, I thought it might help.

Aram Avetisyan:

Can you please try unplugging and re-plugging CoronaBitmap?
Sometime it needs a "refresh" to display correctly.

I have just tested CoronaBitmap and Bitmap in a viewport, and both work identical in relation to quality.
In display performance settings, Viewport Background / Environment is the only thing controlling the environment map quality.

If you can, please provide a simple scene and clear reproduction steps, so we can test and observe the issue(s) on our side as well.


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