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Random one, and it's more for my own experiments than anything else.  But it could be useful for others.

I'd love the ability to marquee some pixels in the VFB and then get an average sRGB (or RGB) value for that selection.  Very similar to Photoshops Filter>Blur>Average and then colour sampling the resulting swatch.

So draw a marquee in IR, then right click inside the marquee and the VFB gives you all of the usual info, but also an average for the pixels inside the marquee.  It's be even better if we had the option for ellipitical marquee selections too

Can you explain how it could be useful to anyone? Is there some specific use case?

Because an individual pixel can be a bit too specific when looking at a wider image? 

I often sanity check my shaders/materials/white balance etc in IR using the right click and looking at sRGB values.

But the individual pixels can vary wildly across the same shader depending on the light setup, resolution and how long it's been rendering for, which can give you a false reading or at least skew the reality of the final render, see attached screenshot of a white wall shader after a few IR passes.  Depending on where I right click on that screenshot, I'll get readings of neutral grey, warm grey or cool grey. 

Let's say I'm trying to achieve a warm grey, but unwittingly sample a cool grey (it's rare I'm that zoomed in when sanity checking), it might result in me overcompensating elsewhere - either in shader or in white balance or in lights, when in reality, those pixels might average out to the warm grey I'm looking for if I just leave the render running.

As I say it's very non-urgent but would be a nice to have.  I also appreciate it's quite an anal request in terms of precision when I could just sample a few areas and eyeball it/mentally decide if it's close enough or needs work :)

Maybe this option in the Corona Color Picker could be enough for you?

Also, getting back to your example, if you have a noisy area where some pixels are warm and some are cool, the information averaged from that area would be even more misleading, right? (let's say you would get a cool color on average, but it could mean that some pixels are still warm)

I literally have no idea - maybe.  Probably why I said it was more for my own experiments :)

With regards the colour picker - that looks like it could work to be honest.  Without sounding stupid, I'm guessing to use it for what I want, I just need to go via the mad editor while using IR and just keep dragging the black handled picker across to the IR window to sample it right?


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