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Mapping density of scatters


As per my post in the "I Need Help" section (, it looks like Chaos Scatter has no way to map density. I suggest a density or distribution section within the transformations tab, where we can simply add a map to control, similar to how the translation/rotation/scale features work.

Plants/trees do not grow in perfectly uniform distributions, they grow in clusters and patches-- it only makes sense that we should be able to replicate this in a scatter system.

Clustering is on the roadmap for some future development ( ), but density mapping is still useful. As a note, mapping density is possible with 3ds Max, so this is a C4D specific request.

Hi, FYI missing density map slot in C4D will be addressed.

I was wondering if density mapping in C4D has already been added.

I'm not a C4D expert, but according to :

--- Quote ---Distribution – Specifies a texture map or shader used for instance distribution. White areas of the texture are treated as maximum density, and black areas are treated as areas with no instances.
--- End quote ---


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