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Tone mapping with LUTs. Corona / Photoshop / Affinity Photo

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Full tone mapping solution in just one LUT. simple and consistent between applications.
.3dl >> CIE
.csp >> PS/AP
old trusty formula for filmic look. falls somewhere between aces an fstorm. this one is ageing extremely well.

Interesting, thanks for sharing !

How do you generate all these custom luts ? any specific soft/app ?

notepad, spreadsheet and photoshop/affinity photo should be enough. Fusion makes it a bit easier.

Thanks for sharing these Marcin. I have few questions though. Could you modify "mP_CoronaLogUE3Filmic_5.35_64.3dl" so it would not require to load it in log space please? Also, how one supposed to use these LUTs in Affinity Photo? I tried them both and they give very odd results, one looks very flat and the other one is extremely contrasty.


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