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Kevin Hall:
Considering that it's an off-topic discussion, I would like to discuss space related things here.
As wisemen say:"A change is as good as a rest".

Kevin Hall:
James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the greatest space telescope humanity has created.
JWST was launched into space on DEcember, 25.

It has taken more than 20 years to create this mastepiece.

The Webb Telescope has already reached its destination - Lagrange point 2, the orbital point where it is going to reveal us the most distant corners of Universe, revealing the birth of galaxies, stars and looking for planets to live on. Useful links to get acquainted:

Neil deGrasse Tyson explanation of JWST t=30s

Lagrange points explanation
Live tracking JWST:

Kevin Hall:
Jimmy's first target

The Webb Telescope has found its first target.
A star HD84406 becomes the first to be captured by JWST. The star is located in the constellation Ursa Major, near the Big Dipper.

Can't wait to see images out of this thing :) The Hubble was my hero, but this should outclass it.

Nejc Kilar:
I'm super excited about JWST and just everything space related we humans are doing. Would be nice if we'd be taking better care of the planet we are on but... That's another topic.

Exciting times, hope we'll see some nice space renders in the gallery too, really like those :)


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