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Prevent proxies from displaying as flickering boxes in viewport animation

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--- Quote from: arqrenderz on 2022-05-03, 16:04:12 ---have you tried tyflow preview ?

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Nope. Only first frame it is in full mesh preview mode and box preview mode in any of following frames. Looks like max had no time to load proxy before next frame.


--- Quote from: Robin Walker on 2021-12-04, 20:28:38 ---Animated proxies never used to do this, something changed? Max 2022? I can no longer do viewport previews of animations with animated cproxys, they just flicker as a box. This was very useful before to check how fast a tree was moving and generally see the whole animation of a scene before rendering it. I'm specifically referring to - Tools > Preview Grab Viewport >  Create Preview animation.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Hi and thank you for reporting this, this seems like a bug.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1591)

This is related to the way we are loading proxies. You can either get smooth viewport performance and this kind of flickering, or no flickering but slowdown/freezes in the viewport. We have this issue logged and we may be able to do something about it, but we can't promise anything at this point.


After some deeper discussion with the devs. It appears it is really not possible to improve this behaviour.

It can either be like this, with the lazy loading which causes the flickering. Or lock up 3ds max until all of the proxies in your scene are loaded for that frame. Depending on the number of proxies this could be several seconds.

I hope you understand our reasoning behind this.



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