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Distance Map Inside Color issue

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+1 would love for this feature to be working as intended :)

Hi Ink Visual,

Are you still having issues with this? Are you using Fast or precise mode in Corona Distance Map? Can you provide a simple scene and some repro so we can better understand the issue you are experiencing? Looking forward to it.

Ink Visual:
Hi Avi,
Yeah, we use this future on daily basis for road marks / tyre marks etc, with newest corona version, so the issue is defo still there.
I will try to save the scene out for you today/tomorrow!


I understand, We have logged this request in our system. It would still be nice to provide any problematic scene so, we can test it out internally.

(Internal ID=1086274973)

Ink Visual:
Hi Avi,
I just uploaded the scene through Chaos Support requests.
My ID case #105020.
Sorry it took a while, if anything else is needed, let me know please.


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