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Physical camera to corona camera

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Is the way to convert a physical camera to corona camera to add a CoronaCameraMod? Or is there a script?

Also I have over 80 cameras in a scene. Is there a script to add the CoronaCameraMod to all of them automatically?


Not sure what you mean by the first sentence - if you convert it to a Corona Camera, you don't need to add the CoronaCameraMod (which is a legacy thing - you apply it to other cameras to enable the Corona options for that camera, e.g. place it on top of a Physical Camera). If you convert it into a Corona Camera anyway, then you'd no longer need the CoronaCameraMod :)

Hi Tom, Thanks.

I just assumed there was no way to convert a physical camera to a corona camera.
Is there?

Corona converter doesn't do it, it seems.


If you mean converting all parameters such as iso, f-stop, etc, then there is no way.
If you mean replacing all camera positions in the scene, there is no way (maybe some 3ds Max tool can be used, like clone and align).
If you mean replacing a single camera's position, you can use the Corona toolbar for this to place a Corona Camera in the active view.

Points 1 and 2 are actually interesting, so I will log it as a feature request.

Thank you Maru. I was talking about 1 and 2.


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