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Dirt map?

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Hi all,

Sorry for digging up the thread, I thought it looked like the right place to ask my question...

I was wondering, is there a way to do a RichDirt-like mapping with Corona now (v9)?

I'd use it mainly for applying the stains only on the upper parts of concrete or metallic structures and, of course, decals would make this too tedious a work (unless I'm missing something).

If not, could this be added to the AO or curvature map as an additional (direction or XYZ degree + strenght) parameter?


Corona AO has directional offset feature since forever. Give it a try, it might not be as sophisticated as dedicated tool like RichDirt, but nonetheless you can quite easily achieve convincing weathering effect with Corona AO.

Yup, we have:

AO map -
Curvature map -
Triplanar map (can be used to apply an effect only to the top/side of an object) -

Thanks for the quick replies! Will try all the suggestions asap.


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