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Gallery images loading soooo slow

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Almost instantaneous here, that's on your side I guess.

They are pretty huge jpgs, but loading "normally" for me.
Are other websites working fine for you?

Yes, other sites work fine. I'm moving to a new place with the office in a few days, should it be related to my provider this is probably going to sort itself out.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought it was a general gallery hosting slowdown. Feel free to close the thread and thanks for the assistance!

same here !

first image need 45 seconds to load ! :-(

So we've changed the provider and images load much faster now, almost instantly. Guess my old provider 'optimized' their speed to transfer certain content at a slower rate... not sure if that's possible at all but it wouldn't surprise me.

Not related to Corona's site hoster after all.


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