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Basic render studio scene

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I'm sharing basic render studio scene, that i use for my own needs a lot. Scene setup is very simple, it uses one HDRI map for lighting and reflections. Scene contains two helper objects (floor and wall) for different scenarios. Background colour is easily adjustable and independant from exposure changes. Also there is wire and uv checker material overrides, as well as render element for quick and simple masking. This scene isn't meant to be used with traditional lights, but feel free experiment and add few lights if you want to.
I didn't include HDRI map in the scene, because i have no rights to distribute it, but it shouldn't be a problem to substitute this map with your own.

Hope, some of you will find this scene useful. Here's link to download:
And short video, presenting key features of this scene:

Thanks! Very useful =) Smart setup!

Thanks for the "Direct Visibility Override", it's going straight into my Siger CMPPmax!

Cool, but I think you should add a camera to the template file. ;)
Also, a curved background object would be nice - the shadows on the floor/wall don't look very nice.
Free HDRIs can be found here:

I'm glad that you find it useful guys!

dubcat, care to explain what you ment by that? Surely you knew about direct visibility override.

maru, sure i could add a camera, more shadowcatcher objects and so on, but then it wouldn't be a basic studio anymore :] I just wanted to share my scene with others as it is. I have no doubt that everyone will find something to add to it, to make it even more useful. Feel free to share it here, if you'll  improve it noticeably.

Lately i'm using this scene a lot and together with interactive rendering and newest features from 1.4 it makes my product shots ridiculously fast.


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