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Received this in my mailbox. Some people may be interested. and according to vlado in the official forums, they're looking into adding lightmap baking.

Vray for Unreal.

I have absolutely no idea unfortunately.

Volta-based gpus (not released yet) are going to have hardware on it specifically for Ray tracing. We may have to wait a little bit!

ray tracing in unreal engine 4.

Ah yeah my bad... I was sure megascans had complete 3d trees. I only subscribed during 1-2 months and didn't use many assets. Was lacking in biomes!!!

Are you still experimenting with ue4 once in a while Juraj. I was on otoy forum earlier and the unity+octane beta is out apparently. Hopefully it will be great!

Amazon Lumberyard devs have made speed tree free for their users:

Seems like a good move to get more people to try the engine out. UE4 is still dope though. I wonder if Amazon Lumberyard have improved their realtime GI?

I'm not sure it's even worth it to make your own trees when you can use megascans stuff which looks amazingly real. Maybe when you need a verrrrry specific tree essence, but then it's a lot of hard work.

Look at this... Made entirely from pre-made megascans assets. how can the average joe compete with speedtree lol.

Unreal lightmass is awesome but it's meant for games, not ultra realistic renderings.

Octane for unity/ue4 looks so nice and they have progressive lightmap baking. This is so important. Offline-quality baked lighting/shadows usable in a real-time scene/game! The next logical step is fully real-time raytracing but it's not for now.

And vray is coming to ue4. Interesting stuff coming.
But as you can see on the slides, lightmap baking is a potential feature. This is like the most interesting feature. It needs to be there!

very good work man!

Gallery / Re: B.O.G.P. Puerto Natales, Chile.
« on: 2017-05-18, 03:33:55 »
I wouldn't know the 1st image was a rendering if you didn't tell me. Very well done.

I'm starting to learn zbrush and even tho everybody seems to say the ui sucks, I actually find it cool and intuitive (after a couple of hours of tutorials). I'm more comfortable in zbrush than in 3ds max. I'm even trying to replace 3ds max hard surface modeling with the zmodeler brush!

Hardware / Re: Adding another gpu
« on: 2017-02-17, 05:38:26 »
there are many websites offers accurate PC power calculation. almost no difference in each website calculation result.

I run a i7 4790k with a gtx 980 sc on a 330w psu
wow! are you sure your PC runs normaly? if yes, definitely you're the boss :)

Yes. The original pc was an alienware x51 thats comes with a HDD and a GTX 760ti and runs on an external brick psu of 330w. Since I have a limited power budget I had to remove a fan, remove the dvd player, swap the HDD for a SSD and the 760ti for a 980. I cannot upgrade anymore unless they release better gpu with lower consumption. I have no problem running games for hours, even played with my htc vive, etc.

Hardware / Re: Adding another gpu
« on: 2017-02-16, 05:51:37 »
I run a i7 4790k with a gtx 980 sc on a 330w psu. Like a boss! But don't do like me! :-)

I have absolutely no room for overclocking or add a dvd player or another fan but heh, this is what happens when you want a ultra slim gaming pc. I'm still shocked my machine even work with such low wattage.

General CG Discussion / Re: CG websites you keep tabs on?
« on: 2017-02-13, 21:33:23 »
I spend a lot of time on ue4 forums too, you've probably seen my username : heartlessphil

General CG Discussion / Re: CG websites you keep tabs on?
« on: 2017-02-13, 01:15:19 »
My 3 favs :

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