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[Max] I need help! / animation resume
« on: 2017-04-28, 21:18:15 »
Any news about this one ?

I posted about this some time ago here,11447.0.html

Since then, I made some tests overlaying 2 video layers, and yes, if you make the second layer opacity like 50%, the quality is improved. It's more difficult if you decide later to add a third and more layers to improve quality.
But I noticed the new Vray has this option as a new feature in their demo video for Maya.
So at least someone else cares about this.

EDIT: ups, seems there was already a topic from 2017 with this. Well feel free to delete this

Is it possible to render a single image using multiple computers on a network ? And even better, using the progressive preview interactive render with multiple computers ?
I remember reading about this somewhere here in the past, but I can't find that thread.

And question two, I found this and I think it's a very useful request.

Using the "resume from image" option, but for animation (better explained in the posted links)

it's in "Resolved feature requests" Does this mean it's available ?
 and yes the next links are leading to one another resulting in "forumception",8616.msg56390.html#msg56390,4087.0.html,6171.0.html

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