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Are you going to sell this as an ebook too? I'm a student and it can be a good solution

Hello Yankee,

no, only the hard copy version is available =)

Corona Renderer 7 update: the eBook
Hello Coronafriends!

We are pleased to announce the release of the digital update for Corona Renderer 7 of our book:

Corona Renderer - THE COMPLETE GUIDE

The upgrade is FREE for customers of the printed version!

This eBook is the natural evolution of the Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE manual,
in which we have analyzed all the new tools introduced with Corona Renderer 7 in a precise and accurate way.
The 100-page file comes with an handy bookmark for faster navigation.

In addition, we have produced 4 new .max files, new shaders, and 4 HD animations.


Customers of the printed guide can download the update for free:
"buy" the eBook with the account and email used for the physical book purchase,
typing the COUPON "free_corona_renderer_7_update" in the checkout page of our e-commerce.



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Thanks to your contribution the group can grow more and more.  😎


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Is there a new book for Corona 11?

No new book - it takes a huge amount of time and work to put a book together, and then Corona is always changing, which is why we have never done a printed manual for Corona. We did attempt something similar for the old old version of the Corona Academy when it took place in person where we had a printed book to go along with it, but it proved impossible to keep it updated; I imagine the same issue would apply here.


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