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Reflection, Refraction & Absorption


Hi guys!
At first, Corona Render - is amazing!
Second, I made ​​a few pictures to illustrate the reflection, refraction and absorption of light at various parameters of the material for myself.
Maybe it's useful to someone.
Basic Diffusion Level = 0,8 Diffusion Reflection and Color is: R0 G196 B42
Some pictures is more draft.

Pic 1 - Test of Refraction Level from 1,0 to 0,6
Pic 2 - Refraction level from 1,0 to 0,92. with decreasing 0,02 point

Reflection Glossines = 0. In following pictures all unchanged parameters = 0,8

Reflection Level test
Diffusion and Reflection Color = R0 G196 B42
All other colors = white

Reflection Glossines test
I take Refl Level = 0,8. It's more useful, I think

Now, Refraction Glossiness test.
I start from 0,9 and finish on 0,3, because values under 0,3 gives to me unpleasant result.
But flashes of light at 0,3 is very beautiful. 

Absorption test.
Turned, that the values of  Absorption ​​must be high :) Comparable to the dimensions of the object.
The size of the cone in the scene - 650х2270 mm.
In first pictures I was hoping to get transparent shadows. But they are not appear in the fifth alpha.

Absorption values are halved each time


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