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Light types


In this topic I offer  "coronauts" to share how they, exactly, are doing all sort of lights in the scene with desirable settings of light source and nearby materials!

OK then, my trouble!
CoronaLight in chrome hemisphere, White 0,6 on box flipped inside - fireflies not go away, turned off visible in reflections they gone! Is it right?

This is normal because the fireflies you see are essentially reflection caustics. To get rid of them you can try:
-decreasing glossiness of chrome material
-decreasing MSI in render settings
-switching to bidir/vcm to get proper caustics (which will probably look horrible)

You can also try adding some kind of geometry blocking the light from reflecting from chrome surface or use IES/spotlight/disc light.

I tried render whole image reducing MSI=3, it helps-noise has smaller grain, but it still there after 10h...(maybe there was another source - but i think it lights)!!
Changed chrome to white - they still there!
Increased LSm-better but not enough!
It must be high intensity - 600... but how then do point lights?
How U do them?

IES seems helps, waiting for more passes!


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