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Sampling settings

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Some tests I made with sampling settings. Corona sun with hdri.

Hello Claudio

Good test.

4 best images, which would be between these values?


You should render interior scene to see real difference between 20 and 800 Max sample intensity.

Unless there is any sort of more intricate GI, and secondary reflections, etc.. neither of those parameters affect anything much about teapot with IBL/Sun.
But since this is pretty nice analytical way (outside of choosing really wrong "scene", that's not even scene, c'mon ) if you have time I would be quite
interested if you re-do it with something more suitable.

Well, you don't really need a complex GI or interior scene to see what changing msi is actually doing for your render...

It's mostly prominent on a situation like in attached pic.

Anyway, although I like to twist all the settings in all possible ways :D Most of the time, defaults are best. At least as a starting point.


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