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Looking forward !

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-11-07, 14:38:09 »
+1000 for this approach, One other thing that im missing is a BUMP Material just like Vray Bump material (NOT shader) in order to be able to better blend objects with its surroundings.

I remember that someone seem to have already asked in this thread, but I can’t find if the request was logged

It would be very nice to get a blend-shader, I’m now doing more and more exteriors and fitting individual assets into the environment can be very time-consuming.

Now, we can do this by using CoronaDistance, but if you want to do so - you need to create a Layered mtl each time for each object, that you want to organically fit into the environment. If a more complex material is applied to the ground, which already contains Layered mtls, the shader tree turns into a mess. Plus we can't get proper normal blending, CoronaRoundEdges Map doesn't work well in this case.

It would be convenient if, right in the “advanced options” section, each material had a checkbox that would enable mixing with environmental materials, without the need to change the material tree and add objects manually to CoronaDistance.

- this section could have a numeric distance/radius parameter;
- a map slot similar to the "Distance scale" slot in the Corona Distance map (there we could insert a height map from an object that we embed in the environment or some noise map);
- a checkbox for mixing normals, which will either use a separate radius or take it from the main distance parameter.
- texture coordinates can be projected directly from the parent (ground) object.

P.S. This will undoubtedly complicate the structure of CoronaPhysicalMtl, especially for the newcomers.
And in general I am not a supporter of the approach of a universal all-in-one shader for all use cases. So I would prefer to have an additional map (or a reworked corona distance map with the second "mode") that would contain all these parameters and would connect to a special map slot in corona physical mtl, if necessary.

« on: 2023-10-31, 21:44:07 »
Love the attention to detail!
great landscape

Hi, im needing a tree near a facade but dont want its shadows, but im getting the bad shading bug in the facade where the shadows would be..
What can i do in these case ?
(The tree object has the cast shadows off)

We had this a while back, try to search for TOO far geometry and delete it, if the alpha channel still shows the geometry this is the way to fix it.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: TX image format?
« on: 2023-09-28, 00:57:02 »
I would  really love to push more for memory optimizations for Corona

I made a little experiment with Tx textures
I have some HUGE map textures that we are using to map some mountains on a video, it was made from 9 different textures, each 35K px!
The difference between corona bitmap and TX was in favor of Tx textures by 20gb of Ram... Pretty mind blowing...
This is an edge case i know.. but we all can benefit from lower memory consumption !

Saw it on a blender video, will try those luts ! Thx!

Thx both for the answers, will try and get back with the result.

Hi, just to clarify some things up..
The scene is big, 3 or 4km long, this is just a house of the masterplan (i have two different files for the animation, but ended importing the same big beach to use in the house file for reflection purposes and simplicity.. The caustics were moving a lot when rendering the same frame (and im making an animation, so it was useless for that)
The isolate is working, just a warning would be nice..

OMG :( Lol for me, Thanks for the input !

After a night of sleep i keep trying to solve the issue, SO the bounding box CANT be big, if i isolate the project and leave just a house with its pool the caustics render the same, so i will render them on a smaller scene, if that's a known limitation a warning would be nice ...

Hi, im having a headache with corona caustics. After a LOT of trial and error to get decent looking caustics i started to render a test animation, to my surprise no frame gets similar caustics, so i dig deeper to finally render THE SAME frame with all methods, PT+PT UHD still, UHD animation and 4k still and animation, no matter what the frames came with different looking caustics...Im not moving the time frame or materials, but it will never look the same...

using corona 10.1 max 2023

The problem is AXYZ, every time you reload the anima scene it came with the same bad materials, bad normals, they SHOULD invest some time redoing their materials, at least some good reflection and roughness...

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-08-29, 15:31:02 »
PLEASE! give some love to these
Speed of interactive rendering improvements specifically 25 (6.9%)
Parsing performance optimization (e.g. for animations) 29 (8%)

These are two of the most voted ones, i have already seen the trello moving for V11, Please don't leave them behind, that performance optimization has been delayed for years :(

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