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hello guys this is my first time posting here hope all is good ,

can someone help me with this issue ?
i try to take into account all settings and everything but I still get noisy grainy renders like this , it takes too too long to render for a simple scene with little reflections .
i wonder what the issue might be , could anyone try to guide me ?
i learnt corona renderer by myself maybe i'm missing few things so ..
thanks in advance , if i could send the file to someone who's ready to check or something ??
thank you so much

There are so many factors that define efficiency of any work or, in your case, rendering a virtual scene assembly. Here, for a start are couple of ways for you to choose from:
self study or Corona Academy

Plus for help on the forums we'd need to know which host software including version, which version of Corona, how long were these run for, what is your hardware, and screen grabs of the renders not photos (as the chromatic aberration from the camera and reflection off the screen and resolution of the camera is adding all sorts of confusing things to the images that make it impossible to tell what we are looking at in terms of render engine output)


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