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Should I use Team Render... or not?


HI Forum,

I got a new custom workstation last week (AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16core, 96GB RAM, RTX 4080Super). I had a AERO17 laptop (Intel Core 9 10th gen, 64GB Ram, RTX 2080Super). The render time difference is insane! 40min v 2.2mins... so not complaining btw. I have my AERO17 connected to my highspeed local and wonder if there is any point using it as a render node? Do any one out there do this? Is it possible to get better render speeds? Tried a test scene and takes 6mins so guessing not or is there a issue I can fix?

Thanks and have a good weekend :-)

Nejc Kilar:
To be honest at that big of a difference I myself probably wouldn't bother - plus its a laptop so probably best not to have it render  24/7 anyway :) Totally depends on how much compute help you need.

I'm in the process of slowly phasing out my trusty 2x 2696v3 Xeon render node. Not that I don't need it, its a stellar system but it is also about half the speed of my second slowest node which is the 3970x. It is still useful when doing animations (every bit helps lol) but considering it pulls 300W yet gives slower performance than the newest Zen 4 chips at 125W... I'm thinking its about time :)

So I guess it totally depends on your workload?

Hi Nejc,

Thanks for the clarification. Sure, will use it when I need small animations done, not often. TBH, my new machine is SO FAST I don't really need it for stills which is mostly my 'bred n butter'. Thanks and have  good week :-) John.

Nejc makes great points. I remember coming to this conclusion before my Corona days. I had 15+ iMacs with Team Render. Aside from people quitting the client because they didn't know what it was, it saved me tons of time. When the animations became a little bit more intense, those older Macs would end up holding up the rendering since they would be assigned a frame and will keep at it until it is done. Team Render only gives whole frames to clients. You could have your fast machines done, but the last 5 frames are slowly being rendered on the slowest machines.

One good thing about TR is when the fast machines finish their queue, C4D will grab un-rendered frames and reassign them, but the slow ones will keep what they started. It doesn't sound worth it to add a that older PC when the new one can render 16 frames in that time. Maybe a long animation I would say, eh, even if I only get a few frames out of the slow ones, it's better than nothing. A shorter animation I'd say stick with new baby. Good luck.


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