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How to run Beta (and older) versions

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tl;dr: Download and run the special Licensing Server (link below), if you have bought a commercial license and want to use the Beta versions
Special licensing server is no longer needed. Use licensing server from any newer version and it should license even beta versions just fine. (see text below for more info)
By popular request, we are releasing a way for the paying customers of the commercial version of Corona for C4D to fallback to the non-commercial versions of the plugin. The way this works is that you run a special Licensing Server and then you run the Cinema 4D with an older version of Corona of your choosing. If you have a valid subscription, your older Corona for C4D will then get a working license from our servers through the running Licensing Server.

In the future daily builds, this will work with the standard licensing server too, so this special Licensing Server is a temporary solution before we release a new daily build with this functionality inside. For now, you can also use this Licensing server instead of your standard Licensing Server. No need to use them both at the same time.

You can find the special Licensing server on our daily build Google drive folder, in the subfolder named "Beta licensing server", along with a readme with instructions on how to use it:

Hey Houska,

thanks to your team for this.

When I try to install the LicencingServer .dmg, I get an error message, saying that it is "not an activable data system". See attached image.

Alternatively, I followed the instructions under point 2 and created the .txt doument under: Library/Application Support/Corona.
When I start C4D, the older Corona (Core 1.7) can´t be activated. It shows "customer activation error.14"

I also don`t really understand point 4 in the instruction. What application bundle to run?

Quite complicated, in my oppinion...


Correct Path and LicenseServerLogin - .txt-File  ???

Hello Designerman77,

I would like to apologize, I accidentally uploaded dmg file in the new format which can't be opened on older systems. Please download dmg file again. It should be mountable now.

Best regards

Hi Nikola!

Thanks for your super fast reply ! :)

Yes, on my older iMac i7, I´m runnung an older OSX.

I will give it a try and let you guys know if it worked... very much hoping...



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