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I wanted to share this Cinema 4D / Corona scene for people who may find it useful. The post production file is not included, also the HDRI should be downloaded from the main website, it's replaced by jpeg file in the scene.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the attention, problem is that such overheating issue doesn't happen in 3ds Max, but in C4d as soon as the IR starts working, everything goes down, becomes muddy, freezing and finally crash. I will report it through the link you mentioned. Thanks

Hi Ararat,

Thanks for the reply, yeah this problem is annoying indeed! I noticed that while launching IR, even for a simple scene the CPU raises to 85 degrees that's not really normal. For the nodes also, I have exactly same problem while connecting or disconnecting them. I don't have same issue with 3ds Max. I am using standard layout. I wish you inform me of the Maxon feedback on this report, I also wanna report them this issue as well.

In Max I get the clean denoised IR in just few seconds while in C4d it takes ages honestly speaking. I suspended 2 of my projects in C4d exactly because of this issue!

Is anyone experiencing overheating or CPU overwhelming in Cinema 4D while using Corona interactive rendering? Corona IR looks totally very unstable in my Cinema 4D. It mostly crashes, even while tweaking nodes in Corona Node Material Editor. I would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks

hi all

got my new rig which is a 3970x with 128 gig ram and  a noctua NH-u14S - just doing some interactive rendering to check temps and it hovers from 75-83.  Idle is around 60ish.
Is this all normal?  Kinda feels like holding a newborn baby i dont want to hurt it.

Exactly the same for me here of course while doing interactive rendering, around 65 for idle. It's my question as well, is it normal?

Thanks for replies friends.
I guess I found the reason. I made this scene using an educational version of Cinema 4D.
Loaded another scene and it's using 100% of every single core. It seems to be one of the
limitations of C4d educational license.

Anyone experiencing this issue?
While using Corona IR in Cinema 4D, it uses only 30% of each core, resulting in a very slow render. Any thoughts?

[Max] I need help! / Re: 3d max crash
« on: 2020-05-08, 12:10:45 »
Hi Norman, is your build working well? I would liked to make same build

Thanks Nejc, very informative. I guess in this situation the final challenge would be between 3950x and 3960x.

Special thanks Nejc for the reply, I really appreciate it. You know, the main reason I'm a bit worried about new gens is that I made a mistake of buying a 8700K Clevo PC Laptop because of its strong single-core and new architecture, but the low amount of cores really made me crazy up to the point that I cannot practically benefit it. Of course it's a laptop, and I even had an idea of extracting cpu and putting it in a case to see how it responds in desktop. Even the CPU benchmark shows that 3950x is only 1% stronger than 8700K but I cannot believe it honestly speaking.

As you mentioned since the priority is with the 3rd gen, I can say that my main challenge is between 3950x and 3960x as many people offer the 3950x that's a bit unclear to me honestly speaking. 2990WX is still in my mind as you mentioned if I could get a used one. I would like to get to the point to know which one performs better and fater in practice.

Hi guys,
I would like to make my new custom PC. Corona Interactive Rendering is my main priority as I wanna see the result and play with lights of heavy scenes in real-time, I have patience for final render-time but not for IPR. This way, which one is better to go? A mid-range 3rd gen 3950x/3960x or a 2nd gen 2990WX, etc...?
I especially ask Jurai as he's expert in this subject but all are welcome and appreciated, I wish I can get his help as well. Thanks in advance.

After a lot of research, I've finally decided on assembling a Threadripper workstation. Honestly speaking I am doing it for the sake of Corona, as I'd like to see its attractive output in realtime.

So I would liked to know your final thoughts on full specs for a 2990wx and 2950x (2990wx, if the difference in performance is huge regarding this link):,5797-8.html

I will do OC on CPU (if it's good on AMD) and lots of GPU Rendering. So I need good case/cooling system as well, a good X399 for CPU OC & 4 GPU slots for rendering in future, also about GPU type: for example 2 1080ti or 4 980ti? (regarding vram as a necessity for FStorm as an example).
That would be great to hear from you. Thanks in advanced.

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