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[Max] General Discussion / "Autofocus" for depth of field
« on: 2016-08-10, 22:46:22 »
Hi all!

Looking into this based on a customer question - how does everyone handle setting the right focus for DOF in their scenes? Did there used to be a script for this? Something along the lines of selecting the object that you want to be in focus, and perhaps a range for what is in focus and what is not, and the camera settings would get updated for that (ie, something that translates non-physical ways of setting DOF into the correct physical values)?

Anyone have good existing workflows for this?


Other than making the converter have a hard time? ;)

I like the absolute paths for a couple of reasons, e.g. if I move the Max scene to a different location, or if I use DR, then I don't have to think twice. Not a dealbreaker, but it does help with managing things (for my workflow at least).

Very wise of them not to use it! I can recommend against it :) Threw me for a while til I tracked it down, in this case it was someone else's V-Ray file so took a bit to figure out what was happening.

Hi all!

Ran into an interesting thing, this may already be known but thought I'd mention anyway. Loaded sample V-Ray file, and the VRay proxies are using relative paths to the objects.

If I use the "Convert Proxies" option from the Corona Converer v1.26, the VRay proxies are not converted. No error messages etc, just nothing happens, whether I set to use a new output path or not.

If I use Run Maxscript to run the script, then they are converted successfully, so long as I specify a new output path (if I don't, then I get a bunch of error messages about being unable to write the files)

I resolved this using the Asset Tracking (shift T) and just set the external links to a fixed path, and then it works fine, and then I can also just use the default "Use the same location" option too.

Hardware / Re: Reboot your computer when rendering
« on: 2016-08-10, 16:40:57 »
And just as well software can't do that - can you imagine what viruses and ransom-ware would be like if it could!

[Max] I need help! / Re: UHD Cache question
« on: 2016-08-09, 15:49:41 »
On the animated noise question, I feel that saving the UHD will work fine - I believe it all depends on how much that noise is affecting light bounces, which is probably not much / not at all. You could try the "turn off all lights and render just using the loaded UHD Cache" to see if the noise in the water is causing visible results in the cache. Again, comments welcome if I am astray in my thinking!

[Max] I need help! / Re: UHD Cache question
« on: 2016-08-09, 15:42:30 »
Some thoughts on the first question - you can test what is in the UHD cache by generating and saving it, then turning off light sources, swap to load from file, and render, to see the lighting from the UHD Cache only. You may find that all your surfaces have illumination.

Been doing some tests to see (and someone will correct me if I am wrong!). What is visible at rendering does make a difference to what UHD Cache info is stored, e.g. if an object was completely out of frame, it had no UHD Cache info saved. So what seemed to work was:

- Generate from scratch and save the UHD Cache at the first frame
- Change mode to "Try to load and append" and leave it set to save the UHD Cache
- Render other frames which will load the previous cache calculations and add in anything new that it now sees from this frame. You could do this manually to select key points in the timeline, or you could automate by setting render time to 1s and rendering the animation set to every nth frame (smaller n I would expect to yield more accurate results)
- Switch to Load from file when all done.
- You can always try turning off all lights again at the end, to check what is in the UHD Cache as a result of this process

Only just experimented with this, so if anyone can add more info, please do!

Hope this helps!

Gallery / Re: fireplace
« on: 2016-08-08, 17:09:51 »
Most welcome!

Gallery / Re: fireplace
« on: 2016-08-08, 15:05:50 »
Two tutorials that may be useful:

Hope those help!


Just saw this over on ArtStation and Polycount, congratulations on placing in the contest!

[Max] I need help! / Re: Matte Shadow
« on: 2016-08-04, 21:01:59 »
Thoughts, from 3ds Max haven't tested in C4D yet

- The "GI effects in the shadow pass" when I tested was only because I had an Environment active (so, it was casting its own shadows). If I turn that off, then I get shadows from light sources only with no "GI effects" in the shadows from light bounces. So to get the effect like the one I believe you are looking for would take a separate render pass with any HDRI / Environment turned off. The CShading_Shadow doesn't discriminate in what is causing the shadow.

- Could either desaturate after rendering, or do a separate pass with a material override, in order to remove colour information (but see below)

- Handling objects with transparency (or opacity <1) would require thought, for instance you couldn't use a material override if you wanted to preserve that, and adjusting Exposure and / or Contrast may be necessary to see different strengths of shadows (depends on whether you need different strengths, or just "all or nothing")

Sample image where I adjusted Contrast to 10 so that the shadow for the semi-transparent sphere was less strong than the solid cubes, then desaturated in post, which looks much like target look that you posted. Does need the separate pass without Environ though, unless you want the shadows from that included (and that would depend on intended use of the layer).

EDIT - and inverted the image in post too.

Thanks Frood! Good to know those extra details on how it works, all seems quite flexible from how you describe. I will find that handy when rendering stills and want to use DR without using the work machine to render!

I'll have a look into it, ty! BTW, diving into this topic in answer to a customer query about the differences between the 2 approaches for animation.

For myself, I stuck with BB because it was free and simple, and does what small things I needed it to do, but will give RR a look (skipped looking into Deadline as it did more than I ever wanted, and cost money to do all that extra stuff I didn't need!)

Yes, I should qualify that as "BB or other network rendering managing tools" :) In the above topics, BB can be replaced with your network rendering management tool of choice for comparison to DR when it comes to animations. Never heard of the RoyalRender, will have a look at it some time, ty, free is definitely an important factor!

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: IR Controls
« on: 2016-08-03, 19:24:46 »
PROH's list sounds like the ones I would find most beneficial (if we had to put them in order of priority).

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