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Other than artistic considerations (planning a moving rather than static camera, for natural and interesting moves, so, being a cinematographer rather than photographer) it shouldn't be any harder - it is just a series of stills played in quick succession after all :) Especially so for a camera flythrough only as then won't be much animated in Max. With a fly-through only, you could make use of saving and reloading the UHD Cache too.

You do have to think about render time, as you'll be making 24 to 60 frames for every second of animation, to make sure you can fit that in, or (literally) farm it out to a render farm and account for that in what the client pays for.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Maru's random stuff
« on: 2016-08-24, 19:02:03 »
I know constructive criticism posts are preferred over simply saying "Awesome!" but I am going to simply say - awesome! :)

Gallery / Re: "tricks of fortune" conceptual composition:)
« on: 2016-08-23, 22:20:33 »
I can't help but think of Donnie Darko :)

Welcome aboard! Good to hear you signed up :)

For hotspots to move through your space, I'd suggest Corona VR :)

You can sign up for the beta here:

For machinery such as might be found in factories and construction sites, there are some places to get those in CAD format:



Work in Progress/Tests / Re: romullus's wips
« on: 2016-08-23, 14:05:30 »
Looking good! I can see a movie in this one - "Increasingly abandoned as technology advances, three standard CGI objects set off in search of a new life...."

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Alpha v5 released!
« on: 2016-08-23, 13:52:50 »
Hi Mor4us!

The Corona for C4D road map is intended to show the news, with the list of what is on the 'to do' list:

Hope this helps!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-22, 18:17:44 »
Something a bit coastline-y

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-22, 18:00:01 »
Feed the output from Corona Distance through Max's own Gradient Ramp. I attached the result (with some noise in the ramp for interest) into Diffuse and Displace in the examples attached. Hope it helps give some ideas!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-22, 17:11:56 »
While the output doesn't work directly in bump, can get the effect by using it to control a Corona Mix for example.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: fur test
« on: 2016-08-18, 20:27:18 »
Looks good! I see what you mean about wanting it to look softer, they do look slightly on the coarse side at the moment. I think as part of a larger scene it might go unnoticed, but as a test of this specifically, it will be interesting to see your next tests! I'd be interested to see the same set up with modifications to materials only, as well as any other experimentation with geometry that you decide to do!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Maru's random stuff
« on: 2016-08-18, 19:15:03 »
Perhaps HR Giger is an influence on Maru's work? :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: LightSelect RE workflow question.
« on: 2016-08-18, 16:08:23 »
Just to test, I rendered just one frame and made this little animation from it by animating the light select blends in Fusion (this time I added a moon light source so had Env, Lamp, Sun and Moon elements)

Gallery / Re: Welcome to the Jungle
« on: 2016-08-17, 22:00:19 »
It's on my list :) Had a couple of things scheduled to go first, so I noted it and will use it on a day without anything scheduled!

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