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[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: strong banding when saving
« on: 2021-11-21, 17:55:25 »
Probably due to the way the host software (Max) is converting the image down to 8 bits on saving (the save routines are not part of Corona, but part of the host software). Could try a format like PNG, or could stay with your current method of saving with a full bit depth and letting some other software do that conversion step.

There is no "standalone material format" that you can export to or import from, so it is not possible at present to load Corona Materials from 3ds Max into Cinema 4D (or vice versa). Unfortunately, you'd either have to load the scene into Max (or C4D) and manually copy the material settings into C4D (or Max), or recreate the material by eye. The second might be made easier by using the Corona Material Library, e.g. if you have a wood material, you can start from a similar one in the Corona Material Library.

Most welcome! There is a lot of power in the Multi Shader :)

In case not using R25, and not using Corona 8 daily, screengrabs of the material set ups.

For pure random, you can just set one layer in the Multi Shader, make sure it has any color selected (is not just in the range of white to black) and then use Hue Random so that it generates a different color for each object or instance etc. For small variations (e.g. different greens so each leaf is a different color on a plant), set the color to the main color you want, and use small Hue and Gamma variations to get different shades and darknesses of that color.

Or to have it randomly sample a result from a gradient so that you control the range of colors that are created, set it to a near white, use Gamma randomization (giving a random greyscale result), and plug that into  the C4D Colorizer set to Lightness so that the black to white greyscale is transformed into a color gradient of your choosing.

File attached with some examples.

(Note, saved from R25, using Corona 8 daily build Nov 11, but will work fine in Corona 7 as an approach :) )

Most welcome, always feel free to ask, someone here will be able to help!

The VrayVRMat material is not supported by Corona (the red area in the render specifies the type of the material that can't be rendered), and can't be converted (as there is no equivalent). You will simply have to repaint those objects manually with a compatible material.

Correct, standard subscription is one GUI, one Render Node, so that covers you for opening Max/C4D and using Corona and rendering on any single machine (the one you are working on using the GUI, or another one if you so choose, so long as you don't also render on the one you are working on :) ). The end examples in the blog cover this.

Correct on the 10 artists and 5 computers as a farm (assuming you mean 10 computers used by artists to work on, with 5 other machines off in a corner somewhere only used for rendering). The end examples in the blog cover this.

Correct that if you have an existing subscription, and keep it renewing, you keep the same render nodes (and pricing) that you currently have. There is no mention of whether this is "indefinite" because in 10 years, who knows what the situation may be - the same pricing and nodes while continuing to renew is the plan for now, with no date or plan set or being considered for that to change.

Comes back as needs to request access - best to use the private uploader


Please note that depends on what you mean by "do we have ACES" - what is shown is the color curve for ACES, nothing more (ie no changes to output formats etc.)

Can you share more about what you mean? There's nothing bad there for existing customers, since nothing changes (pricing, or render nodes) for any subscriptions started from before the release of Corona 8 (other than getting all the new goodies).

For sure, if something is below par, it won't make it into the release. Of course, we hope to avoid that, and have everything up to standard and in the release :)

No list prior to launch is ever everything - those are the things we currently have working, either in dailies or in internal builds. There may (or may not) be more :) Of course even when working in internal builds, we cannot 100% guarantee in advance that nothing unexpected will come up between now and release, that's the nature of development (but it would have to be unexpected, so we don't expect those listed to be tentative, given that they are already working to some degree).

Corona 8 in 2022 will be a release like no other: new tone mapping, decals, Chaos Scatter, Chaos Cosmos, changes for new subscriptions — even a new logo! Let's explore it together in our latest blog post:

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