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Title: Great artists to follow
Post by: haffy on 2021-09-17, 22:20:18
I know I know, this is a common discussion.. "I want to do that but I need that software to do that". But then again, I am inspired by great artist choices in SW, so if you guys have any great artist like Johannes Lindqvist ( ) to share, please share it here. And please make em use C4D / Corona.

Title: Re: Great artists to follow
Post by: johan belmans on 2021-09-18, 12:13:34
I do not agree with your opinion. Software is just a tool. It are the skills (both artistic, technical and workflow) that make them great artists.
By the way never stick to one software package only. They all have their cons and pros. And if you can combine the pros you can get some nice results.

Title: Re: Great artists to follow
Post by: haffy on 2021-09-23, 10:32:13
I see what you mean, but I still stick with my opinion. It's like saying that you can do all photographs with every camera, yes you can. But there are reasons why Leica M and Haselblads are very much sought after, they have special characteristics to them. The same with rendering software, in my opinion.

But that aside, I would love to see some great artists using C4D / Corona in this thread :)
Title: Re: Great artists to follow
Post by: TomG on 2021-09-23, 11:53:45
Best thing I can suggest is searching our Facebook page or Instagram for "Cinema 4D" to see the artists who have already posted in the forum in the past, whose work we've showcased, and checking our blog. Unfortunately too many of them for me to go through listing them myself one by one :)