Author Topic: Pulze Render Manger With Corona 10 RC 1  (Read 199 times)

2023-06-05, 07:36:47

M Nabil

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Hello ;
Pulze Render Manager is not able to start the spawner on the workstation pc or any node pcs, I've tried to install, and uninstall both Pulze, corona 10 RC 1 Nothing changes, it's working fine with version 9 hotfix 3, the problem is only happening after installing version 10
knowing that it works without any problem but manually, not by Pulze so if need to start rendering on all nodes I need to access all nodes manually and start the spawner manually

2023-06-05, 11:30:27
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Support probably needs to be added on the pulze side. I'd advise contacting them.


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2023-06-05, 16:52:52
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I don't think we can expect other software or plugins to work with daily builds and release candidates of Corona. If possible, please contact Pulze developers yourself, or let us know and we can contact them on your behalf.
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