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The entire point of the UHD Cache is that it greatly speeds up rendering at the cost of some bias. Usually, a bit of splotchiness is unnoticeable, unless you render a sequence, but that's why we have the "animation" preset and other UHD options:

It is possible that the 4K Cache is better in terms of those tiny splotches, but please keep in mind that it's still experimental and may sometimes produce unwanted results (we would really appreciate reports :) ).

Hi, here are my initial observations. They may not be 100% accurate. :)

Post 1 - Reflective caustics (HDRI lighting falls onto the metal, then this is reflected onto the non-reflective surface). You see "splotches" because various shapes from the HDRI are producing various intensities on the surface. It goes away when MSI is lowered, because then light bounce intensity is capped.

Post 2 - We don't know how fstorm works internally, but it is possible that it uses heavy clamping or does not produce GI from glossy reflections (these are just guesses). So it is missing the effect that happens in real life and is visible in Corona.

Post 3 - Exactly the same comment as to Post 2.

Post 4 - Same.

Post 5 - - this one is interesting. I have two questions about it:
- Are the inconsistently splotchy patterns reproducible if you switch from Path Tracing + UHD Cache to Path Tracing + Path Tracing?
- Are you using some kind of denoising?

I am asking because both the UHD Cache and denoising can produce varying splotchiness. The UHD Cache takes care of GI and also affects glossy surfaces, so it may be related. Switching to PT+PT would remove UHD from the equation.

Update: it could also make sense to add CESSENTIAL render elements and see where those splotches appear.

Update 2: attaching a similar scene from Max 2024 and 3 renders (no changes, just hit render 3 times). It's a non-reflective ball and a reflective floor + 3 Corona lights with high directionality. You can see the changing pattern. This is caused by the UHD Cache "splotches". The solution would be to switch to PT+PT, or possibly the "animation" preset of UHD Cache may help.

We revisited this multiple times and unfortunately we can't fix it. It's a 3ds Max limitation and it also happens in other renderers.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Rendering Black in Animation
« on: 2023-09-20, 14:47:59 »
You can attach many gigabytes to our support tickets :)

Please do not assume things. :)

The thread was moved to trash bin (as requested by Dubcat himself) so it is now accessible to the staff, but not to regular members. Currently the thread would bring more confusion than benefit.

Thanks. The main reason why I was asking about the difference is that we treat LUTs in the VFB "just" as an effect to change the mood of the rendered image. Sorry for the unprofessional comparison, but pretty much like Instagram filters. That's why it should not really matter whether a LUT is applied one way or another. We have not received many reports like this, which of course does not mean that our LUT implementation is perfect, but we can assume it is generally accepted.
In case a user needs to perform some more advanced tasks using LUTs, they will probably save the output separately and open it in specialized software.

How I understand your request is that you would like to have the ability to use LUTs in a more technically correct way directly in the Corona VFB so that you don't have to use additional software. Is that right?

(once you start a support ticket, please also share its number here so that we can track it properly and in the end share the solution on the forum)

Thanks, I'm a bit out of the loop. I'm glad that it's solved and maybe we could fix IR with this specific object.

Just to understand this better:
The result of applying a LUT in "Work in linear" vs "Work in sRGB" mode would be just a different appearance of the final output?

This same issue is happening to me and I tried to disable auto back up but it's still happening.
There's any other solution? I don't know what to do anymore.

Hi, can you please explain what exactly is happening? Also, which versions of Corona and Max are you using?
If you are getting a freeze in the VFB unless you move it or click inside it, then please see here:

Hi, I don't think this is the expected behavior, so we would have to investigate a bit. Since this is a licensing topic, could you please submit a new support ticket here:
It may be impossible to solve this over the forum and by sending a ticket you will ensure that the right team receives your report and helps you as quickly as possible. Please be sure to include basic information such as which exact version of Corona, V-Ray, and 3ds Max you are using and how to reproduce the problem.
Sorry for this inconvenience!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Cryptomatte playground!
« on: 2023-09-19, 11:45:27 »
CXR stores all information used by Corona for rendering, so it can sometimes get pretty huge, yes. The size comes from:
- All render elements including LightMix (if enabled)
- The hidden denoising elements (they are not visible in the VFB but they are used by denoisers - this way you can, for example, open a CXR in CIE and denoise it there)
- Internal elements used by Corona for the "resume from file" feature (importance, weights) - these should not be heavy though

Going back to the original issue, I think we can consider two separate things here:
- CXR files can get huge, maybe we could improve this. Maybe a new file format with only the cryptomatte content without the extra stuff? Maybe CXR but user can choose what exactly to store in it?*
- The way Cryptomatte is saved is currently not ideal. Maybe we could make it save as a regular render element? Optimize the process some other way?*

* Please do not treat these as any kind of promises. Just thinking out loud. :)

Anyway, we now have this logged in our internal systems:
CXR files are huge: (Internal ID=1204935321)
Cryptomatte saving improvements: (Internal ID=949161620)

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