Author Topic: DRserver sends 45 passes instant !  (Read 552 times)

2021-12-23, 11:33:33


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Hello there,

I guess i should find a way to flush the full DR files on my second PC, here is the story :
- I have 2 exact same PCs : 5950X, 64gb ram.
- I send a render with 35 passes on both (using DR)
- The main PC renders 5-6 passes while the second loads the scene, parse and so on.
- as soon as the 2nd PC starts rendering, the main says "collecting data from slaves..."
- and at final render it is still grainy, saying 54/35 passes, with 45 from slave.

Of course the slave did not render that many passes
The render reflects more 5-6 passes than 35.

Any idea ?
I've flushed the "C:\Users\claud\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\DrData" folder, just in case.
Any temporary folder / files elsewhere to flush ?

Please help ;-)