Author Topic: Animated Forest Pack & Scene Parsing/prep times  (Read 649 times)

2021-06-18, 11:42:56

Curtis Walker

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Hey All,

I was hoping someone may be able to help with this issue or have come across it before in their travels.

I've a fairly straight forward garden scene. I have some fairly high poly animated tree proxies that I have scattered using latest Forest pack and suffering with large parsing times. Use Max 2021, Corona 6.0 (use an AMD3990x and had issues with hotfix 0.1 and 0.2 halfling render times, I've been snowed under so not had time to chase this issue), 128gb ram.

I've narrowed the issue down to the FPP scatters of the animated proxies. If I use any other mode other than disabled or follow, Parsing and preparing geometry times go from 2 minutes - 10 minutes. Which is a lot of time to suck up per frame.

This could easily be my fault in something I've done, or a FPP issue rather than a corona issue but thought id put it out there and see if anyone has come across it. I'm away to post in Itoo forum as well to see if I can sort it. I'm rendering a test animation, not he final so will stick with "Follow" for these and see how it looks. May be fine, but worth finding out a weakness if its there and fixing for the future as randomisation would be nice.

If anyone needs more info, happy to provide. Thanks in advance.

2021-06-21, 16:25:18
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Hi, I would like some basic info here:
1) Are you able to send us this problematic scene, or a simplified version of it where the issue can be reproduced? Here is the uploader with up to 10GB hosting:
2) "I have some fairly high poly animated tree proxies" - just to make sure: they are Corona Proxies, right?
3) "using latest Forest pack" - could you specify which exact version it is?
4) " I'm away to post in Itoo forum as well to see if I can sort it" - if you have already started the thread with itoo, could you share the link here?

Thank you in advance!