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2021-05-26, 23:50:06


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hello guys!

DW-5600E is my all time favorite beater. It's tough, reliable and unlike his fellow brothers quite small. I own this basic model for years and it never failed me, why not make a 3d model out of it?

So the idea was to create "used" watch with scratches, dents, polished plastics instead of brand new.  I used my own old g-shock as a reference and tried to replicate wear&tear as good as possible. Although final renders as always leave something to desire I'm quite happy with the final result. Tweaking materials and re-rendering seems to be never ending process so at some point I just had to stop doing it and finish it.

Modeling, materials done in 3dsmax and obviously rendered in corona v.6.
I initially planned to use this little project as a test ground and finally play with substance painter but eventually I ended up doing the whole thing inside max and corona. Nevertheless I'm planing to revisit substance in the future and give it a try. Also quixel mixer looks promising, so I'm definitely gonna test it as well. 

Hope you'll like it!

feel free to share your opinion.


PS: I'll post wires in other thread later ;)

CASIO_G_1_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_2_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_6_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_4_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_5_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_3_P by Two Heads, on Flickr