Author Topic: Distributed Rendering improvements  (Read 1481 times)

2021-03-18, 07:18:11


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Have any improvements been made to the initialization speed of distributed rendering over the last few years?
Maybe improvements by reading in network textures/files instead of a direct computer to computer transfer. Is there any way to make the initial wait for distributed rendering faster? Using 10GB Lan helps?

2021-03-18, 11:58:06
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Nejc Kilar

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Actually, if we can get that rolling what I'd personally really appreciate is a DR solution that works with the IR. I know, I know, it would be less interactive than one would expect but trying out other solutions and how they do IR + DR I think it is something I'd really appreciate having in Corona.

Say for example you are running a 3k preview in the IR (4k screens!), working on those details and sure, you need to wait 5 seconds for the new passes to start coming in from the slaves but once they do... It really speeds up the rendering process because even with the network lag if the initial rendering time was 15 seconds and you get lots of passes coming in after 5 seconds already... You can perhaps cut the waiting time in half.

I'm still kind of thinking that would be super useful. Especially so if you like to have caustics and what not turned on.

2021-03-18, 14:30:08
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by reading in network textures/files instead of a direct computer to computer transfer.

What do you mean here? If your assets are properly linked to a network location which is accessible by all nodes, they are directly used anyway by slaves. And depending on your network topology it may be even faster when the slaves get their assets from the master instead :)

As for other improvements (except bugfixing): It got even worse because since V6 we cannot switch on/off Dr during rendering any more - sacrificed to fix a bug I never met personally. I don't even know its ID or name - yet it stole me the most important load balancing feature!

Good Luck

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