Author Topic: Interior Flickering in Animation  (Read 1718 times)

2021-03-08, 20:00:28


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We just rendered a total animation and noticed some interior spaces still have some flicker.

Probably we're not the first one to ask :) but could you give a direction where to look at to prevent this?
Some details how we did it:

- We are using backburner and mostly (but not always) it also renders frames on different render nodes.
- We didn't manage to find out if rendering each sequence on 1 node is a solution for this
- We've set only a pass limit so every frame reaches the same amount of passes.
- We also checked the Animation (flicker-free)

Thanks in advance!

2021-03-23, 16:18:50
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Sorry for the delay! In case of issues like this, it is definitely better to contact us at

The interior flickering looks a like typical UHD Cache issue. Since there aren't many moving objects or lights in this animation (or the movement is subtle, not affecting the scene lighting very much), the solution I would recommend here would be using the "load from file" option of the UHD Cache and just loading a single cache for each animation frame, on all computers taking part in the rendering. For more information, see:

The weird thing here is that with the "animation" preset, this kind of flickering should not appear at all. If you need some further help with this, or if you are interested in learning why it is happening, the best solution would be sending the scene to us (or some kind of simplified version of it) -