Author Topic: Corona New Sun Sky Vs Vray  (Read 1562 times)

2021-01-18, 16:09:10


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Hi, i want to talk about corona New Sun and Sky vs Vray

I really like the new sun sky model, but i feel it lacks something, for me its not very good and night times and dusk hours, here is a comparison i found on ava archviz artists youtube video showing them side by side.
Is there going to be more attention towards the system or is it a closed topic?

2021-01-18, 16:34:48
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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Isn't Vray use the same sky and sun model? I think that the difference might be simply because of different tonemapping - one can see that in Corona it is used some LUT and in it's not clear what tonemapping is used in Vray. It should be clear that comparison is being made at exactly the same conditions, otherwise it makes very little sense.
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2021-01-18, 17:06:42
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Same model is used. And indeed, tone mapping makes a huge difference, everything from LUT to Highlight Compression and more. I too would say the difference here is the tone mapping used, and that if you want those results in Corona, you can definitely get them.