Author Topic: OSL, max and corona  (Read 3027 times)

2020-09-04, 09:20:04


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Hi there.
I would like to know if corona supports "officially" osl maps ?
I mean, ok it works when i use it, but osl are not mentionned here :
It would be nice if a dev could tell me if it's reaaaally safe to use it, to use hundreds of osl maps.

ppl in my team ask me :"hey i have downloaded this osl or this one because they are cool", but since it's me who solve issues when there are, i am not very confident at putting osl everywhere in our scenes. I have enough to troubleshoot, i don't need more :)

Ty ^^

2020-12-07, 18:44:14
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Hi and sorry for the delay!
Yes, OSL is officially supported by Corona and according to our tests the 3ds Max examples work fine, BUT there is always a chance that some of the more fake/crazy/3rd party shaders won't work. We cannot guarantee that Corona will work fine with everything you throw at it. :)